13-Year-Old Colorado Boy Meets His Life-Saving Bone Marrow Donor Who Is the Son of Undocumented Immigrant

It was a meeting they will always remember.

On Thursday night, 13-year-old Ezra Miller, who spent over a year doing combating leukemia, and 29-year-old Luis Miranda, who gave the life-sparing bone marrow the kid expected to survive, met interestingly in front of an audience at the DKMS eleventh Annual Big Love Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in Manhattan, sharing a sorrowful embrace.

“I sense that I have a younger sibling now,” Miranda, who enlisted as a bone marrow benefactor in 2008, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a respect to have an impact in giving him another opportunity. It’s a bond that goes amazing. Past anything.”

Meeting his new “huge sibling,” Miller tells PEOPLE, “It was really strange. I am so appreciative for what he did. He spared my life.”

The two had a ton of fun meeting on Thursday night, that they consented to spend the day together on Friday.

One of their first stops? “We will visit the Statue of Liberty today,” says Miranda.

From that point onward, whatever other fun things they do are dependent upon Miller. “Ezra is the manager today,” says Miranda.

The child of an undocumented settler mother who cleaned houses as a profession, Miranda grew up poor in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2008, he and his mom were crushed to discover that his sister and her significant other were murdered in Guatemala, leaving the two to help raise his stranded nieces and nephew.

“I needed to help with this since I have seen families battle through various family trials like ailment and demise and I know how troublesome that can be.”

In the wake of managing so much difficulty, he says, “I have no clue how I made it as yet.”

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