5 Big American Cities That Are Cheap to Live In

We’ve all been there. It’s the last Thursday of the month, you’re slowly trying from your check to the stack of bills beside the electric refrigerator, and feeling your soul flex and cry at however financially screwed you’re. Yup, it’s a typical feeling for several people, particularly if our communicating address happens to incorporate AN NYC, San Fran, or LA code. however worry not, there area unit many different, cheaper cities out there. the simplest part? You won’t even ought to move abroad to search out them!

Below, we’ve collected the ten most cost-effective massive cities within the USA, in line with web site Numbeo’s value of living index, that takes under consideration things like rent, value of groceries, average salaries, and so-on. For this text, we’re process “large” as a town of two hundred,000 or more; which suggests poor recent metropolis, Louisiana (pop: 198,242) just misses out getting its first ever mention on our site. Oh well, thems the breaks.

We’re also comparing each city against how much it costs to live in NYC, so you’ll be seeing a lot of sentences like “10. Dallas: 29.8% cheaper than New York”. Got all that? Great! Let’s do this thing.

5. Dallas, TX (29.8% cheaper than NYC)

4. Rochester, NY (30.29% cheaper than NYC)

3. Madison, WI (30.43% cheaper than NYC)

2. Kansas City, MO (30.91% cheaper than NYC)

1. Phoenix, AZ (30.92% cheaper than NYC)

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