Aamir Khan Yami Gautam Top Times Celebex list Shah Rukh Khan Appears Fourth Priyank Chopra Third


However, once it involves Indian actresses, one amongst the foremost desired film industry celebrities Yami Gautam was graded on high within the Times Celebex rating, whereas Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and alternative beauty queen couldn’t win high place now.What factor created potential Yami high place? really the 27-year-old dazzling beauty remained high headline as a result of her last romantic unharness “Sanam Re,” even her reported affair with co-star Pulkit Samrat.

Bollywood super Star Aamir are going to be back with a lot of amusement together with his approaching sports-drama “Dangal“, whereas earned attention of all owing to weight fluctuation for his film additionally his advance with the geographical area government for conservation.Aamir-Khan-Yami-Gautam-Top-Times-Celebex-list-Shah-Rukh-Khan-Appears-Fourth-Priyank-Chopra-Third

Yami little doubt has affected the audience with performance Divya Khosla Kumar’s directorial tho’ her high place might have unsuccessful Katrina Kaif WHO believed to be idol of incalculable folks.If previous reports by Indian media square measure to be believed thus the general public suspect Yami of Samrat’s separation together with his better half tho’ the ‘Fukry’ actor later processed the reports the speculation was fashioned as a promotional material stunt not any longer.

In male stars’ Times Celebex list, Akshay Kumar fifth, monarch Rukh Khan on fourth, Salman Khan takes third and Ajay Devgan earned second position.Aamir-Khan-Yami-Gautam-Top-Times-Celebex-list-Shah-Rukh-Khan-Appears-Fourth-Priyank-Chopra-Third.On alternative aspect, Sonam Kapoor takes fifth, Katrina Kaif is on fourth, Priyanka Chopra bagged third rank, and Shraddha Kapoor seems on second severally.Nonetheless, solely in feminine class a young star snatched high rank during this Times Celebex list of high actors in Indian movie industry however Aamir continues his ruling during this category with success.

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