Adrienne Bailon Recalls Experience Of Being Sexually Harassed By A Music Executive


In the wake of sexual harassment allegation on Republican Party candidate Donald Trump a stream of celebrities questioned for their experience about any of sexual abuse in entertainment industries.Latest, The Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has unveiled her experience of facing sexual harassment by music executive in music industry when she stepped in as a teenager.

Adrienne-Bailon-Recalls-Experience-Of-Being-Sexually-Harassed-By-A-Music-ExecutiveThe hip-hop singer recalls her experience by saying, ‘I even experienced an executive that would kiss me on the lips,’ she added more to draw her feeling, ‘The first time it happened, if I’m very honest, I thought it was an accident … but no, it consistently happened to the point where I was like, ‘this ain’t cool, man.’

The fear of possible reprisals restricted number of women from revealing about harassment, the 32-year old singer Adrienne Bailon exposed to her co-hosts Jennie Mai, Tamara Mowry and Loni Love as well as share her own experience of being sexually abused by her music executive.

The American born singer Adrienne Bailon expressed the incident happen when she launched her career in music industry as a teenager she also revealed the root cause why women never revealed her experience? The fear plays a vital role to prevent her honor.

Shocking experience of Adrienne Bailon follows the footsteps of actress Rose McGowan recalls her experience last week that she rapped by a Hollywood executive.she even told him to her attorney but they couldn’t believe as she had done a sex clip in his film which become the root cause to prove wrong her rape.

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