Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce From Her Husband Brad Pitt


Divorce and separation in Hollywood Industry is now very common as this time most gorgeous couple of the Hollywood Industry separated from each other which is none other of leading actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt as actress has filed for Divorce from her husband and it is officially confirmed by many news agencies.It is asked by the attorney of the Angelina Jolie that this action was taken due to the health of the whole family for the rest of life as Jolie wants the custody of their six children after the two years of the marriage of this hot couple, So she will not commenting due to eh privacy of the family.

The couple met first on the set of their movie Mr. and Mrs Smith and from them they fell in love with each other so this is only story of the Hollywood Industry that started as well as ended on the screen.This is shocking to hear that this will be the third divorce for this hottest lady in her life.

According to the reports that irreconcilable differences are main reason of the separation of this couple as this couple is in relationship since 2005 but they married each other on 2014, Jolie has reported for the custody of her 6 children but Pitt has allowed the right of visitation.So according to reports, Pitt said that he is very said by the action of Angelina Jolie but the thing which matters most is well being of their children therefore I have requested press to give them more space as this is so much challenging time for them.

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