Anushka Kohli finally address engagement rumours


Dehradun Indian cricket Virat Kohli and Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma recently shot down rumours of them being engaged, with the former claiming that if that were the case, the couple ‘would not hide it’.In a couple of tweets, Kohli claimed that all the hype and buzz about the couple getting engaged were false. The Indian skipper said that if the couple would get engaged, they would not hide it from anyone. The tweet by Kohli was retweeted immediately by the Bollywood actress.

Indian media has started airing rumours that the two lovebirds had exchanged rings and would be getting hitched soon. The rumours were fueled by the fact that the couple had visited an ashram in Haridwar together, on Wednesday. A picture of the two with their guru started doing the rounds, which added duel to fire to the speculation that Kohli and Anushka had gotten engaged.Media reports had claimed well over a year ago that the couple had broken up. However, Kohli and Anushka have mended forces and are back together. The two are seen together in almost all red carpet events in India that they attend.

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