Bigg Boss Season 10 Controversial Reality Show Evicted Priyanka Jagga


Salman Khan’s disputable reality show “Bigg Boss Season 10” has been giving the insight read of most of celebrities since from initial season however now the show opened its doors to folk to require half in point of fact show as a contestant at the side of totally different stars.The Color TV ventilated the truth show hosted by Salman Khan; the disputable reality show has finally started its kick by finally evicting Priyanka Jagga.

As the season ten is jam-packed with surprises, rumors rumored the evicted member Priyanka Jagga can shortly move into the Bigg Boss most disputable reality show. Firs eviction though happened apparently however it had been prompt that Priyanka Jagga cut-outs were placed in lav space and garden of the house.However, the eviction not meant she is secretly area and can come back to indicate, well still there’s none UN agency is privy to her. Well, solely the host of reality show Salman Khan is cognizant of forthcoming surprises.In fact, Priyanka Jagga isn’t so the a part of Bigg Boss season ten House as she creating quite surprising surprises on Facebook fan page.

The tenth season of reality show supported the thought of commoners and celebrities, commoners’ team is that the rival of celebrity team and therefore the initial evicted personnel Priyanka Jagga is one in all the commoners.The host of the show Salman Khan declared that one in all the appointive contestant commoners can need to leave the Bigg Boss House as she received smallest amount of votes.

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