Dangal Movie Trailer Aamir Khan’s Strong Intense Look Stunned Us With His Acting


Bollywood cute actor Aamir Khan once more shocked the fans by finishing fitting in new role in his coming a lot of expected moving-picture show “Dangal”, a lot of anticipated advert has attracted several viewers.because ever cute Aamir Khan is adopting a fresh look that is considering the spectacular mashup when Salman Khan’s “Sultan” that stricken gold on box workplace.

The trailer showcases the lifetime of Aamir Khan as a young person battler and a 27-year recent man whereas lots of trailer showed the foremost of 55-years recent Aamir Khan’s glimpses.Just like “Sultan” Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” square measure set in Haryana wherever he was living together with his married person and need a boy to satisfy his dreams however he was the daddy of 4 ladies.

This is not newer truth Aamir Khan sinks his teeth totally into his character however Aamir Khan himself was too desperate to conclude laborious home work of “Dangal” therefore, here not solely fans however Aamir himself too anticipating the revelation of trailer.The coming “Dangal” supported true story and supported life events of battler Mahavir Singh, the 3 ANd [*fr1] minute trailer open with powerful dialogues furthermore as unveiled the film story wherever Aamir Khan himself an Olympic battler like Salman Khan’s “Sultan”.

However, the forthcoming “Dangle” has eradicated the difference of gender and place a message regarding daughters, a dialogue of film rated an excessive amount of “Gold toh gold hota hai, chhora laave ya chhori”. nobody will deny regarding shut similarities of Salman Khan’s “Sultan” and Aamir Khan’s “Dangle”.

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