Fan Movie Review Shah Rukh Khan As Gaurav And Aryan Khanna Rocked Like A Pro


Fan is a tremendous heroic tale Indian picture featured by Biggest trade movie industry screenland  star crowned head Rukh Khan United Nations agency is thought as King Khan of screenland industry, contend varied roles in his career however the character role contend in ‘Fan’ is beautiful that’s why SRK additionally called Badshah of trade|movie industry screenland industry.

The fan wish to do thus once Gaurav Chandna wins the native competition and a twenty,000 of money prize he dedicated his trophy to his star Aryan Khanna on his birthday, later Gaurav see his star and requested him to satisfy just for 5 minutes however the star refused and orders the safety to beat him.Through this sort of wrongful conduct from Gaurav determined to show a lesson however at the tip Aryan raise him to doing these crimes and he ought to ought to create his own identity rather than sporting alternative one, Gaurave blames Aryan for destroying his life and jumped to death.However, picture budget is $15 million and had been unleash on fifteen April however the picture earned $17 million solely in few days.

Fan goes the fans of crowned head Rukh Khan crazy along with his acting similarly like his vogue, SRK’s Fan directed by a notable director Maneesh Sharma whereas the assembly taken by Aditya Chopra underneath the banner of collective super hit picture banner Yash rule Films. Legendry SRK contend twin role as Aryan Khanna United Nations agency may be a star and as Gaurav Chandna United Nations agency may be a fan of the star.The United Nations agencyle picture is regarding an infatuated fan of the Star who appearance same as star, Gaurav Chandna may be a Delhi|city|metropolis|urban center} boy United Nations agency may be a neurotic fan of screenland star Aryan Khanna as Super star Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) is from Delhi and commenced his screenland hit career through Bombay.

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