Father had been praying for shahadat Junaid Jamshed’s Son


KARACHI: Late singer-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed had prayed for martyrdom whereas he was in Chitral, aforementioned his son Taimur Junaid during a prolonged, emotional Facebook post, on Sunday.I recently distinguished that he had been praying for shahadat. one among his companions told ME, throughout one among his bayans in Chitral he stopped within the middle and told everybody to mention Ameen to his dua that was, “Aye God mujhe apni rah mein shahadat naseeb farma,” he said.

Taimur shared a lightweight incident of his father, one from London a few of years past once it absolutely was descending exhausting and his mother told the far-famed singer to retrieve the garments they were drying within the grounds.”One time I bear in mind we tend to were in London and it started descending. Our garments were drying in our grounds thus mommy told pop to bring them within before they got wet. within the method he aforementioned, “Koi agar dekh lay Junaid Jamshed ki family repudiate kya kaam kara rahi hai“,” Taimur recalled.According to Taimur, Junaid Jamshed invariably unbroken in-tuned with everybody and infrequently reminded them that he adored them and prayed for them. He aforementioned that the singer was invariably immersed in his phone.

“People from round the world came for his janaza and explained he would confine bit with everybody. He would decision them, message them, be anxious for them. If you notice for the past year he would invariably get on his phone in his footage and like ME, I feel everybody puzzled why he was on his phone all the time. it absolutely was as a result of he was invariably busy reminding everybody he knew that he was thinking of them and praying for them,” wrote Taimur.Junaid Jamshed was killed within the PK-661 flight air crash together with forty six alternative passengers. The flight was on its manner from Chitral to capital of Pakistan once it crashed at Havelian. associate degree investigation is current to see the explanation for the plane crash.

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