Fawad Khan’s ‘Bold’ commercial will make you demand more from life

Fawad Khan needs more in life. Three times more.

The Humsafar performer as of late did a business for Bold body splash, in which he appears to be exceptionally propelled by the item trademark — Up to 3x more.

In the advertisement, Fawad does a rally requesting everything to be thrice more. Workplaces ought to have thrice more occasions, streets ought to be thrice as wide, lawmakers ought to be thrice as dependable. Lecture!

He figures out how to motivate individuals to see his perspective, aside from the one jolt who needs ladies to be three times more alluring. Another yell out to Fawad for giving him the ‘Do you claim a mirror?’ look.

Let’s be realistic here. Fawad could simply grin and say “Strong” and we’d be sold. In any case, now that we consider it, who wouldn’t have any desire to join Fawad in a rally?

Listen to us Fawad, a profession in (mindful) activism could be your actual calling!


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