Games Of Thrones Season 7 Two New Filming Locations Hinting At Multiple Huge Battles


The casting of the season seven of Games of Thrones is in breaking news everywhere because Games of Thrones series has made thousands of fans specially in homeland but also in other countries.Now there is great chance to take part and rock the series because the team of Game of Thrones series in hunting for new soldiers for multiple huge battles after Battle of the Bastards.

The news of casting new place and other things unleashed everywhere but the members of cast have carefully spoken that what will be came next.According to the watchers of the wall it is confirmed the HBO series is reportedly hunting new film areas for battles after Battles of the Bastard, there are two new suggested or expected places the first one may be Malpartida de Cáceres, Spain but the second one is still unknown or under searching.

The HBO series is reportedly hunting for a large numbers of horses and hunting for Unsullied soldier, the next multiple wars needs much area so the biggest headache for Games of Thrones series is to find out the perfect and more wider place.However, the filming schedule is leaked and held from 14 November 2016 to 15 December of current year.

The post of Jason Momoa made the fans crazy by publishing the news of re-combination of Jon Snow and Khal Drogo, the star has posted a snap on Instagram that fueled the talks of their fans as well as made them fully excited for the next season of Games of Thrones.

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