Hijab Clad Two Muslim Women Assaulted Titled As ISIS In United States


Damra beside her mother Siham Zahdam each area unit speculative in West Rogers Park settled in Neighborhood at Chicago and also the distinctive factor regarding these 2 females as Compare to alternative that these each area unit in Hijab.And at that point a lady a girl  return nearer to those 2 girls and commenced insulting them before on the total park and these 2 were troubled badly by one lady as 2 were completely helpless there presently a crowd of individuals gather around them.

after that in Associate in Nursing interview Damra aforesaid that toe solely of her and her mother is that these each area unit in Hijab and there have been a pair of guys standing of twenty one or twenty two age were riant loudly on their state of affairs and not even one person advanced to assist them.In the video one factor is clearer that Siham Zahdam aforesaid that this is often what you all got from Donald J. Trump as this politico is completely against Muslims and public supports him during this matter by their heart and soul.

That women within the starting verbally mistreated them then she gets physical and tried to require off their Hijab that whole scene is additionally recorded on camera by crowd which was clear during this video this lady endlessly aforesaid Damra and her mother Siham Zahdam you ISIS and this statement is continual roundabout for fifteen times.After bearing this whole insult and physical harassment these each 2 visited police of Chicago for facilitate however police don’t take this matter serious and avoid this case.

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