Hisar Gang Rape Victim Wants 10 Crore From Salman Khan On Rape Statement


The victim of this gang rape sends a notice to Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan through Punjab and Haryana High Court advocate Rajat Kalsan said that Salman Khan destroys his image in front of his fans further advocate includes that due to this statement of Salman Khan her client was deeply hurt and suffering from mental and physical trauma.In this notice Salman Khan is given time of 15 days to pay 10 crore to this victim otherwise she is going to cause a file on Salman Khan and puts allegations of criminal case and also volition of civil and criminal laws in India all this was mentioned in that notice which was given to Salman Khan.

In a recent media press conference when a generalist asked Salman Khan about how he feels like to be a wrestler in the reply of this question Salman Khan said that in a scene you see that I am lifting a man once or twice but behind the scene in practice and training secession.I was picking that 200 pounds man for 6 hours again and again for the best shot and after all that when I walk outs that ring I was unable to walk correctly and I was just feeling like a raped woman.

After this statement the National Commission of Women in India become aggressive and demands an apology from Salman Khan.After this statement Salman Khan’s 80 years old father himself apologize for his son’s statement and request’s the public and authorized persons to forget his son.

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