How to Add Modern Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress or Blogger

Do you know the fact that, by placing right number of modern social sharing buttons you can give the best effects and even increase the social media sharing of your website rapidly, For adding the modern social sharing buttons in WordPress or the BlogSpot you can make the use of latest tool called “SumoMe”.

How to Add Modern Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress or BlogSpot

Simple Steps To Add Social Media Sharing Buttons In WordPress or BlogSpot :

Step No 1: In the very first step you will going to sign into the Sumome SML main official page. As you signed into it you will going to add your blog URL so that you can start off with the procedure.

Step No 2: On the very next page you will be entering with your name as well as email ID that will going to complete with the registration process. Coming to the next page “be careful” because here you have to give away the Sumo me tag on your blog.

its easiest feature is that you just have to perform this task once and this will going to configure you without the trouble of adding with any kind of codes.

Step No 3: In the next step you will be moving ahead to install the Sumome right inside your blog.

Step No 4: Now as regard the adding of codes has been concerned then for that purpose you have to make the use of Google Tag Manager. If you don’t have this Google Tag Manager then it would be best enough to make the use of WordPress plugin to install Sumome

Step No 5: Now as you will be done with the activation you will going to click on the Sumo Store.

What Is Meant By Sumo Store ?

Sumo Store is basically defined as the place as where you will going to search around with various applications including with contact form, email marketing apps as well as analytical applications too. Some of the applications are free to use. If you are a new user on SumoMe then we would advise all those users to try with the free features of this program for at-least one week so that they can learn about their effectiveness in a better way.

What To Know About SumoMe Pricing Payment Plan ?

In terms of SumoMe pricing payment plan you have to make the payments in three different plans. Payment charges will be hence according to the size of your blog. By keeping in mind your requirements you can make the choice of one payment plan. It would be advisable that you should choose with the free plan and then carry out the testing of their entire applications.

Selection Of Social Media Button Of Your Choice:

This section has come across to be the most interesting sections in the SumoMe where the users will be catching with varieties of social media sharing buttons. Hence you have to simply drag & drop to select your favorite button. As you are all done with the selection you can click on Save at the bottom and then at last click on Layout.

So this was the complete and simple method through which you can learn that how to add modern social sharing buttons in WordPress or BlogSpot! Follow the steps carefully and increase your social media sharing circle right now!

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