If you’re a student, you’d want to listen to Shah Rukh’s career advice


Hyderabad Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is immensely successful as a Bollywood actor and that did not come to him in a flash. The actor shared his experiences and advised young students recently on what to do when faced with the obstacle of choosing their profession.According to the Raees actor, one should always opt for what he/she wants to do in his/her life. Shah Rukh said that if one does not follow the path they wish to take, then they end up regretting it later in their lives.

Speaking to students at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University where he had been invited so that the actor could be conferred with an honorary doctorate for his contribution towards promotion of Urdu language and culture.

“When you become a person of my age or your parents’ age or your teachers’ age, somewhere that regret will be there that why I did not do that (as a career). I just want to tell every boy and girl that do where your heart is,” he said.

Shah Rukh also disclosed how his father was poor but taught him stuff that proved to be meaningful for the actor later in his life. He recalled how his dad used to play chess with a priest at a temple and used the example to teach his son important lessons about life.

“Nobody is small. You have to respect all,” he said. “He gave me a typewriter. You have to be very diligent in typing. When I learnt typing, I realised that practice makes you perfect. Whatever you do in life, do it with diligence as if it is the last chance to do it,” he added.

Shah Rukh said that the honour conferred on him would have made his father proud since he held Maulana Azad in high esteem and also valued education.

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