Iphone 7 Headphone Jack Prank Revealed Hidden Headphone Jack Has Gone Viral


The latest good phone iPhone seven prank video of drilling into the device for the sake of earpiece jack has gone infectious agent as several as spherical of ten million individuals watched this prank within which the video likeable by 141,186 viewers and dislikable by eighty nine,373.Iphone-7-Headphone-Jack-Prank-Video-Revealed-Hidden-Headphone-Jack-Has-Gone-Viral.

The latest launch of Apple iPhone seven as likeable by countless individuals however most of the individuals claiming for not having earpiece jack, the Youtuber uploaded a prank video of drilling a hole of three.55 metric linear unit hole within the bottom of iPhone seven.

Here heap of individuals asking is that the prank is gone right or not? This questioned can get answer finally of the post.The prank video is uploaded on YouTube by California-based Ukrainian YouTuber named as Taras Maksimuk, in in progress prank video a person trained a hole in iPhone seven to urge the earpiece jack however have you ever noticed what happened with the phone.

After drilling iPhone seven taking part in playback music however the sound comes from speakers instead of earpiece, merely the YouTuber ruins the waterproofing of the gorgeous device.The viewers is worked up an excessive amount of to look at and experiment this video that the video has been video viewed by quite ten,710,458 times.

Apparently, you trained and infix earpiece however seriously it will destroy your phone and not worked, World Health Organization aforesaid the whole world become additional intelligent? There are several idiots (lolzz) within the world.The viewers World Health Organization likeable the video is quite the haters however some individuals discourteously commented on this video on YouTube there we have a tendency to found a experimental viewer World Health Organization abused badly the bad hat and commented:

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