Kareena Kapoor Not Part Of Golmaal 4 Due To Pregnincy


As the chemistry between Kareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgn is basically blue-eyed by the general public and Kareena Kapoor likewise as Ajay Devgn square measure conjunctive to be the key of success for Golmaal series and these square measure rumors that Kareena Kapoor will appeared at Golmaal four.

As currently things is modified currently Kareena Kapoor is pregnant and she or he has set to require a possibility from trade work however there square measure possibilities that Kareena Kapoor are seen at Golmaal four as a result of the security is even not nonetheless confirmed.Team is simply giving suggestions regarding the forged until currently for Golmaal four however Ajay Devgn is signed for the forged however on the opposite aspect Kareena Kapoor isn’t offered for the film.

Kareena Kapoor declared that from currently on she isn’t the a part of Golmaal project as a result of it’s time for birth control during this state of affairs once she is pregnant she is unfit and unable to perform the character if she signed the film than there square measure bight possibilities that she cannot full fill her commitment as a result of she is expecting her baby at the month of Dec.

Further she same that her last project is Veere Di Weeding with Sonam Kapoor this film is directed by Sonam Kapoor’s sister and it’s for the primary time that Sonam Kapoor isn’t at the leading role in her sister’s film.Kareena-Kapoor-Not-Part-Of-Golmaal-4-Due-To-PregnincyKarena Kapoor are the a part of the shooting until the month of October as in Dec she goes to be a mother shooting of this film can begin in August.

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