Miley Cyrus Joked I Kissed A Girl To Prepare Herself For Hosting


The gorgeous musical personality Miley Cyrus has joked about how she prepared herself for hosting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, she said that she kissed a girl before she came out on set to host the show after Ellen’s has taken ill.Miley has even dressed herself like the original host and dropped a joke before she taken to stage.

As all well known it was then the Miley’s goal to comfort or to amuse the audience so she cracked jokes with her naughty smile.Just like Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus was donning black pants with white colored shirt along with jeans jacket but now everything is fine and Ellen is recovering speedily so the fans you do not have to worry about her. Miley also expressed she is little bit nervous while hosting the show because she never hosted show.

The 23-year old glorious lady stepped forward at the last minute to stage to host the show on Wednesday 28 September after the lady host Ellen DeGeneres has fallen ill and unable to record the Wednesday show, the 58-year old host Ellen DeGeneres wrote on social networking site twitter.Miley Cyrus stepped in with a different manner as the lady singer had instant ball on fire and with the opening of the show the 23-year old singer not even dressed like 58-years old host but also danced like Ellen right on the entrance to stage.

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