New York Man Attacks Muslim Woman With Hot Coffee


New York yet one more Muslim girl became the victim of a hate crime, as a homeless man threw piping hot low on her face at a Dunkin Donuts outlet in big apple town, on Wed.Nathan grey, a 34-year-old homeless man, walked into a Dunkin Donuts search in big apple set at W. 35th. St. search close to Seventh Ave. at concerning 2:45 p.m and asked for a cup of low. when taking the low, he selected to weekday concerning a bunch of Muslim ladies within the search.

I gave him low and he aforementioned one thing to Maine concerning terrorists, however i could not hear what he was expression. He walked off from Maine and weekday next to a bunch of Muslim ladies,” the shop worker aforementioned. “He started reproval them and that i may hear him expression, ‘Terrorists!'” she aforementioned.According to the worker, the ladies unheeded him utterly and Greek deity their food. one in all the ladies apparently had had enough and shot back at the homeless man, vocation him ‘stupid’. That created grey lose his cool because the 34-year-old threw low straight onto the woman’s face.

One girl referred to as him ‘stupid.’ thus he threw his hot low in her face,” the worker aforementioned. “It was hot, hot coffee. She may are burned! Then he swung his bag at her and it hit her within the face,” she said.The woman hurried out of the search and grey place her in a very lock, in step with the police. Cops arrived on the scene when somebody referred to as 911 and took grey into custody, charging him with assault as a hate crime.Hate crimes against Muslims ar on the increase within the USA and Europe, ever since Donald Trump, legendary for his provocative statements against Muslims, won the U.S. Presidential elections 2016 and have become the President-elect.

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