OMG! Saudi doctors find light bulb inside this guy’s stomach after 10 yrs

“A 21-year-old Asian man staying in Saudi Arabia was recently found to have a light bulb lying inside his stomach for more than 10 years by a team of doctors.”

“The man, allegedly, went to the crisis bureau of the Prince Saud container Jalawi Hospital as he was experiencing stomach torment, extreme queasiness, weariness and a high fever. The specialists then ran various examinations and tests on the patient just to get amazed by the CT check report later that demonstrated a secretive question lying in the man’s stomach. The patient was then, as detailed by neighborhood news organizations, taken to the operation theater for surgery, and it was there that the specialists discovered, much to their stun, that the protest was really a light.”

“The patient later uncovered to the specialists that he had swallowed down the light at 10 years old. Curiously, the knob was recuperated in a decent condition, driving home the point that the electrical apparatus was very much protected inside the man’s digestion tracts for more than 10 long years.”


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