Oye! Zahid Ahmed

After making his television debut with Mehram in 2014, actor Zahid Ahmed of Alvida and Sangat fame has come a long way, In the wake of making his TV make a big appearance with Mehram in 2014, on-screen character Zahid Ahmed of Alvida and Sangat popularity has made some amazing progress. As of now playing the hero in numerous TV plays including Zara Yaad Kar and Besharam, Ahmed’s star is on the ascent. A capable new-age performing artist, Ahmed is a specialist at playing both negative and positive characters. Having won the Best Actor in a Negative Role trophy for his part in Alvida at the Hum Awards this year, the on-screen character’s brilliant ascent as an entertainer is difficult to miss. Here is his thought on affection, distinction and that’s just the beginning…

Age: 32 | Main residence: Islamabad| Huge break: Alvida | Insane reality # 1: A fussbudget and a confident person | Insane reality # 2: I encircle myself with things that solace me and when I am not working I can get lazier than a hippo |On affection: Love is inside us. We decide to either give it or be childish about it | On notoriety: Being renowned is cool until you’re not well known any longer.

On your part in Mor Mahal: I play a spiritualist artist who’s the beau of Meherbano, the young lady after whom the whole city is nuts for. On negative parts: They offer a great deal more edge to perform. Our saints are normally so moronic to play unless they’re similar to Haider from Besharam. Musings on Pakistani silver screen: Ibtada-e-ishq hai ghalib. Best executive to work with: I’ve had an extraordinary time working with Shehzad Kashmiri (Alvida) Farooq Rind (Jugnoo and Besharam) and Kashif Nisar (Sangat)


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