Pokemon Go tops Google trend list


Washington The past year was a giant one for Donald Trump, however additionally for Pokemon Go.According to Google´s international trends report free Wednesday, the increased reality game from Nintendo was the most-searched item on-line in 2016.Trump was range 3 among the most-searched topics for the year, behind the iPhone seven and earlier than rock icon aristocrat, WHO died in April.

But Trump screw-topped the list of the most-searched individuals for the year, earlier than his campaign rival Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Trump´s better half Melania and ribbon athlete Simone Biles, Google aforementioned.Google publishes its international list annually at the side of trends from completely different countries, giving insights into the interests of web users round the globe.

The top point searched on Google was the America election, followed by the Olympic Games in metropolis, Brexit, the deadly club shooting in urban center, Sunshine State and also the Zika virus.Among celebrities WHO died in 2016, the foremost searched-for was aristocrat, followed by David Bowie, slain America singer Christina Grimmie, British actor Alan Rickman and boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

In shopper technology, the iPhone seven screw-topped the search list, whereas range 2 was Freedom 251 — the smartphone offered available in India for 251 rupees, or but $4.In international sports events, web users searched most for the Olympiad, followed by the baseball World Series, the Tour Delaware France, suburb and also the Australian Open lawn tennis tournament.

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