Presidential Medal of Freedom honored to Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres


Barack Obama President of United States has presented renowned comedian Ellen DeGeneres and 20 more musicians, actors, innovators and athletes with Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the biggest civilian award of the nation.Everyone on this stage has influenced me in an extremely personal, powerful way, in such ways that they almost certainly could not visualize,” Obama stated on the event. On Ellen getting the award from the President, Obama stated, “Ellen DeGeneres has a mean of making everyone laugh at something relatively than someone, apart from when I danced on her show.” He moreover added up that it was simple to overlook that she had jeopardized her career almost 2 decades before by emerging of the closet.

In the film world, the president Barack Obama honored Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford and Cicely Tyson. Humanitarians Bill and Melinda Gates were in addition recognized intended for their effort by means of the Gates Foundation.Micheal Jordan as well as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was in addition in the middle of the receivers of the civilian honor.Michael Jordan is among the supreme athletes of record. Jordan participated in 15 seasons of the NBA in support of the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls; he is at present chairman and principal holder of Charlotte Hornets. For the period of his career, he got 6 championships, 5 “Most Valuable Player awards”, and came into view in games of 14 All-Star.

Talking about how name of Michael was identical with excellence, Obama stated, “He is more than only a logo, more than only an internet meme, more than only a generous donor or businessman dedicated to diversity. There is a cause you call someone “the Michael Jordan of” neurosurgery, “the Michael Jordan of” outrigger canoeing or “the Michael Jordan of rabbis”. Everybody recognizes what you are saying.


Ellen DeGeneres, an award winning comedian who since 2003 has hosted her famous daytime show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, with her humor, optimism and humility. Ellen provided her voice in 2003 animated movie Finding Nemo a little fish called Dory. She re-did her role once more in 2016 by way of the enormously flourishing “Finding Dory”. Ellen has in addition hosted “Academy Awards” two times, in 2007 as well as 2014. In 1997, subsequent to appearing herself, DeGeneres created TV history as soon as her personality on Ellen exposed that she was lesbian. In her occupation and in her existence, she has always been a zealous advocate for fairness and equality.

Ellen received the honor, “In a career expanding more than 3 decades, Ellen DeGeneres has fetched happiness in our lives as a comedian and a TV star, in each role, she tells us again to be kind to everyone. Her daring and candor assisted changed the minds and hearts of millions. Repeatedly, Ellen has demonstrated us that a lone individual can craft the world a more open place and more fun on condition that we just continue swimming,” an adviser mentioned.

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