Rob Dyrdek Net Worth; How Rich Is Rob Dyrdek In 2016


He was born in technologist, Ohio on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 1974 to cistron and Patty Dyrdek and since his age of seven, had the eagerness to be sport thus remained a part of sports since very little days.However, he stepped in skating once he was eleven years recent when receiving initial skateboard from skilled skater Neil liquidiser.

However, Boykin simply worked for the show for 3 seasons and soon declared quit maybe his old girlfriend had a baby. He set twenty-one separate Guinness World Records for skating being a part of his former show Rob & massive.

On the opposite aspect, Dyrdek’s bodyguard massive Black conjointly set 2 consumption records on the show ‘most bananas eaten’ in one minute and ‘most variety of powdery donuts eaten’ in 3 minutes.He started his exploration of personal enterprise through shoe style which what helped Dyrdek to open a variety of passing firms throughout with DC.

Dyrdek had explained himself a reasonably driven young man WHO had to figure laborious to show resolute be a professional skater even had assume all the time at school concerning all tricks and different things.

He was initial seen on the MTV reality series ‘Rob & Big’ that airy Gregorian calendar month 2006 to Apr 2008, aboard his succor and bodyguard Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin, together with his first cousin, Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff and friend Rashawn ‘Bam Bam’ Davis.


Dyrdek may be a pet lover WHO has 2 bulldogs named Meaty and strapping, whereas conjointly engaged to his girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores on twenty six Apr 2015 when proposing her at amusement park. He has one sister, Denis WHO conjointly loves him plenty.

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