Salman Khan Called for Peace between Pakistan and India but As Usual, Indians Lost It and Criticized Him

The pressure amongst India and Pakistan is madly powerless. There are socio-political issues encompassing a pile of debates and being a Pakistani, you know a day doesn’t part without a questionable news piece in regards to both the nations. Bollywood on-screen character, Salman Khan is the most recent focus after his remarks with respect to India-Pakistan war strain started debates.

Salman Khan sat down in a public interview to talk about his up and coming film, Tubelight when he passed comments about both the nations and a general circumstance of war. This is the thing that he stated:

It was accounted for that Shiv Shena and whatever remains of radical gatherings are not content with Salman Khan’s comments. Indian fanatic gatherings have lashed out their sheer feedback on the Bollywood performer. They apparently discover his words as support for Pakistan armed force. Since the level headed discussion of India and Pakistan is extremely powerless and not a moment goes till it takes a radical new state of debate, Salman Khan’s words were said to be ‘bent’. In any case, Salman is appropriate about war and it’s a general sentiment that anybody with a sensible personality can consent to.

What do you folks think about Salman Khan’s remarks? Do you concur with him or not?

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