Salman Khan tops Forbes 2016 Celebrity List


Mumbai screenland actor Salman Khan has flat-top the Forbes 2016 Celebrity List of the year, Indian media according on Sat.According the reports, Salman Khan, abandoning Shah of Iran Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth, has been named the quantity one celebrity of Asian country in 2016 by Forbes.However on the celebrity ranking, it’s Virat Kohli, winning several hearts across the world to prime the charts.

In the earnings’ list, Salman finished on top of Shah of Iran Rukh to become the top-earning celebrity with associate calculable financial gain of Rs 270.33 crore. Kohli’s finish (with associate calculable financial gain of Rs 134.44 crore) was associate improvement from last year once he finished seventh behind Dhoni. This year, Dhoni slipped to fifth with calculable earnings of Rs 122.48 crore. Tendulkar was seventh with Rs fifty eight large integer.Deepika Padukone has overwhelmed Priyanka Chopra and secured a sixth position on the list.

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