Snapchat introduces video catching sunglasses


San Francisco Vanishing message service Snapchat proclaimed Sabbatum it’ll launch a line of video-catching eyeglasses, a spin on Glass eyewear abandoned by Google quite a year agone.The California-based company, that conjointly proclaimed it’s dynamical its name to Snap opposition., aforesaid in a web post that its Spectacles are “available before long,” with media reports pegging the value at $130 a try.

“We´ve been operating for the past few years to develop a completely new style of camera,” aforesaid the post by Team Snap.”Spectacles area unit eyeglasses with Associate in Nursing integrated video camera that produces it simple to form recollections.”

Snap earlier this year other how to save lots of pictures as “Memories,” a shift for a service recognize for messages that disappear when being viewed.Spectacles were beaked as having one among the tiniest wireless cameras within the world, capable of capturing a day´s value of “Snaps” on one charge.The eyeglasses connect with Snap software package wirelessly victimization Bluetooth or WLAN connections.Spectacles cameras take video from the attitude of wearers, boast a 115-degree field of read, and capture snippets of video meant for sharing at the service.

“Imagine one among your favorite recollections,” Snap aforesaid.”What if you may return and see that memory the manner you practiced it? That´s why we tend to designed Spectacles.”Snap estimates it’s quite one hundred million users globally of the service for causation videos, pictures and text messages that vanish when being viewed. Some reports say it generates ten billion video views per day.Google in Jan of last year halted sales of its Internet-linked eyewear Glass, that became out there within the u. s. in early 2014.

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