Sonam Kapoor Starrer Real Incident Based Film Neerja Release Banned Pakistan


Ram Madhvani’s directorial thrilling venture can hit the theaters on its regular date Gregorian calendar month nineteen in India during which Sonam plays titular character of Neerja Bhanot UN agency was a officer for Pan Am and lost his life saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked ‘Pan Am Flight 73’ on Sep five, 1986 at the Karachi airdrome.The approaching biopic film neerja was illegal by the Pakistani authorities even being submitted to the censor boards, may be the Pakistani officers square measure taking the film story in wrong manner however it simply supported real incidents that were occurred throughout the hijack.

However, if we tend to take read of tabloids during which it absolutely was revealed the Neerja Bhanot biopic film are going to be discharged on nineteen Gregorian calendar month in Pakistani theaters. it absolutely was additionally aforesaid to be that the Ministry of Commerce had at the start approved the import neerja however after declined.Sonam-Kapoor-Starrer-Real-Incident-Based-Film-Neerja-Release-Banned-Pakistan

On the opposite hand, an announcement was received by the Commerce Ministry’s one amongst the officers that the objectionable nature of the content became solely reason of its ban as picture show shows dangerous lightweight of Pakistan.Nevertheless, decision maker in IMGC, Abid Rasheed has confessed that the plot of neerja contains anti-Pakistan components that square measure unveiling Muslim community in a very negative manner.

The Ram Madhvani tried to focus on what happened within the PanAm Mumbai-New royal house flight and what reasonably struggles had to done Indian national heroine Neerja Bhanot UN agency performed her duties as accountable crewman whereas saving 369 passengers however not herself.Experienced Indian histrion Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Ravjiani will be seen in neerja on Gregorian calendar month nineteen in Indian theaters.

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