The Best SEO Tips


We all know about Google’s killer updates-Google Panda and Google Penguin. A lot of businesses have been affected by these updates and we are now all squirming to get back in the game. These SEO tips should be aimed at getting Google to like your website. Otherwise, there is no point in doing SEO at all.Content is the high and mighty kind for SEO. The whole point in Penguin and Panda is to make search results better for people. A lot of the high ranking sites before had low quality content and just got to that position through optimization, not quality and helpful content. We have to understand that Google is also a business and the services they offer to customers are answers to searches.

Low quality content does not provide. So in the recent changes, great content would help you out a lot. It would also keep you safe from further updates. If you don’t want to write content yourself, you can outsource the work. Just make sure that you still check these articles before you post them to make sure that it is helpful and useful to the readers, that it is unique and that it has no grammar or structural errors.We are in the era of modernization and technology. Everything is mobile. Smart phones are capable of almost anything. You need to go with this flow and go mobile as well. It would be a big loss for you if customers can’t go to your site just because they are using a mobile device.

You can hire a company or person to create your mobile website. If you are any good with these things, you can also do it yourself. Going mobile is a way to reach more people and for them to be able to reach you.Social networking has gone bigger still, in terms of SEO. Facebook and Twitter are crawling with potential customers. Create a Facebook page, create a Twitter account and update these regularly. Socialize with your clients and target market to lure them to your website. You can use sponsored pages and ads to your advantage when you’re socializing through Facebook. Twitter is a great way to reach millions of people in no time, just by typing a short yet very informative tweet.

Plain text can be very boring. Give your readers some movement and color on your site. Add videos that are short yet sweet and add photos that are relevant. Aside from adding the images and videos for SEO purposes, it will also help you get your readers keep coming back for more.What you can do to syndicate lots of content with minimal time is to create a very comprehensive and informative content, then take a video of yourself talking about the important points in that article. You can extract the audio from your video and you would already have a podcast. Then you can tweet about your article, audio and video and also promote it on Facebook.

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