The Story Of Struggles Shared By Misbah Ul Haq’s Wife Uzma Khan Has Important Lessons For Everyone!

Couples experience a ton of high points and low points. It is said that in today’s ‘dynamic’, current society where both, the spouse and the wife have the freedom and training to remain all alone feet frequently neglect to remain by each different as the strong mainstays of a marriage amid hardships.

A fruitful marriage is a like a cycle – without the support or nonattendance of one wheel, the other doesn’t work. Basically, when two individuals get married, they frame a delightful union which requires consistent support, love, and fellowship of each other.

As of late, one of Pakistan cricket group’s unbelievable player surrendered from the game. The account of this player is a lesson in itself – he had a considerable measure of good and bad times in his vocation. He wasn’t given the best possible opportunities to exceed expectations however when he was, he vanquished everything with his perfection. His brightness made Pakistan as the no. 1 group in test cricket and he himself broke a couple records.

One individual who keeps on remaining by Misbah Ul Haq through various challenges is none other than his significant other, Uzma Khan.

In this heart-lifting post, Uzma Khan communicates how paying little respect to how the general public pointed the finger at her for the ruin of her significant other:


Through hardships, diligent work and steady support from friends and family, individuals see the best in their life and this is precisely what our most loved chief Misbah Ul Haq saw. He began from nothing, however his better half was dependably there for him. She remained by him when he doesn’t ha anything, she remains with him when he has everything. In fact, this account shared by Uzma Khan is an existence lesson which many would discover productive. All things considered, sabr ka phal meetha hota hai.

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