Venezuelan Anti President Protest Policemen Shot Dead And Dozens Wounded


The opposition demonstrators pushing for a presidential decision once more in South American country as they protested weekday, the significant anti-government protests killed one police official whereas reportedly a hundred and twenty individuals cut in vast opposition’s violence.The nationwide protest against President of South American countryn created their thanks to each street pushing for presidential recall, the state marked their protests along in additional than fifty sites across the country.


However, concerning cut individuals, the Opposition leader has additionally confirmed a hundred and twenty individuals wounded in protest violence whereas there square measure 147 range of these folks that inactive by security officers throughout nationwide protests.

The government cursed on activists from the anti-government party, amid their clash with security officers one police official shot dead on a route out of capital of Venezuela. the govt. pushed Miranda Police to analyze the lawman death, though it confirmed his death however it’s not connected his death to opposition demonstrators.

The Governor of the State Henrique Capriles, UN agency is that the opposition leader similarly, vows to march the presidential palace next week if in step with their demands halted vote proceedings not resume additionally the opposition leader create it guaranteed to man. President of Venezuela.Interior Minister Nestor Reverol claimed on one protest, a law officer was killed before of broadcaster UTV.

Anti-government leader Henrique Capriles initial launched political trial against state president in National Assembly on Tues so next day he control nationwide travel weekday.The opposition not silent here, they launched another grand protest to Presidential Palace next week if the state president not resume halted vote continuing.

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