What is WordPress Duplicate Content ? & How to fix this issue

If you are one of the SEO professionals then we are quite sure that you must know the WordPress duplicate content issues. If you are facing these issues then how you can fix them up? Here we will let you know about that.

What is WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and Fix for Search Engine Optimization ?

What Do You Mean By WordPress Duplicate Content Issues?

Your WordPress has to be and must be SEO optimized. If it is optimized then it will be having a better ranking. If your content has been accessed and approached by two of the websites then your content is the duplicate one. So that means that you have a poor kind of blog or a website which is not at all optimized by you. Firstly, you have to find the duplicate content. For this you have to go to the site of Google then you have to search the name of your site. Just go through all of the links and then you have to see the results that will be shown by Google. See that your site is at which result, if it is at the last pages then you need to work more on your blog and site.

How To Fix WordPress Duplicate Content Issues?

⦁ If you have been facing the issue of Image attachment URL then you have to make use of the Permalink setting. Just click on the option that will be saying Redirect Attachment URL to parent post URL. This is all! In this way, no one will be able to copy your images.

⦁ If you have been uploading any of the image then you need to make it sure that it has to be linked directly with the post.

⦁ If you are facing this Replytocom issue then you also need to fix it up. You have to remove this links from the index of your search engine. For this you have to set up your URL parameter as noindex option.

⦁ If two of the sites have been hinting at the same post then you have been facing WordPress duplicate content issues. To solve this issue, you have to set up the canonical URL. In this way, you will be able to direct those search engine robots that which of the links they should be indexing.

⦁ If someone copies your post or article and then his article gets the higher ranking as compared to yours then what you should do? Then you should be taking help from the Google DMCA. It is quite helpful for all of the bloggers. In this, you will be able to register your complaint. If Google will be finding your case a valid one then it will be removing that copied post right away.

We are sure that all of the bloggers must have taken some of the productive tips that how they should be getting rid from the duplicate content! Try to follow these rules and we are sure that no one will be able to copy your content from your blog or website.

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