How to Earn Money Online (Guide)

Earning money online is the keyword everyone is searching for, mostly newbies in this field initially work on PTC sites to make money online but most of them are scam, when it’s time to with draw those sites disable publisher’s account which is really hard to face and they leave online community. that’s why mostly people don’t trust, well i’m not targeting only PTC Sites, i blame mentors too when people ask them to teach they demand a huge payment from them which is difficult for newbie to pay. i recommend you to beware from Scam Sites and mentors. The best lesson and knowledge is you search and get online yourself.

I’ll enlist all the methods to make money online, now you don’t need to buy any course just read out all articles i’m sure you’ll earn money online within weeks.


Content marketing is the most popular and authentic method to earn money online, i know it’s difficult to understand for a newbie but i’ll explain from A to Z. Content marketing is blogging in which you create a blog or website on a niche (Article) where you provide unique content about the niche you selected.

Let me Explain!

For Example: your hobby or interest is cooking and your blog or website is about cooking then you can say your niche is cooking.

when you create posts daily according to your niche. You’ve to create publisher account of some ad networks. from which you can show their ads on your website and when your content or posts get visitors or traffic on your website. according to your visitors those ad network pays you according to their policies.

The Marketing Through Content is Known as Content Marketing or Blogging.

Types of Content Marketing

Viral Blogging

Viral blogging is the blogging in which you just research what is trending today, the best thing in viral blogging is you can carry data from any blog or website, you’ve to create posts with source or you can copy or rewrite any article and publish it with proper source or in apostrophe. in that case you’re not creating any distortion in copyright issues.

For Example:  Today Trending article is

Why Philip DeFranco and Other YouTube Stars Are Leaving YouTube

it’s an old post but still trending only because of this writer has chosen viral content. you can find viral content here, some blogs only provide trending content

The another best way to create viral content is wishing someone on his/her birthday, that is most loving and successful path to get tons of traffic.

Let me Explain!

This is the most famous website where each and every celebrity is enlisted. In featured content or slider only those celebrities are enlisted which’re celebrating birthday today.

Here you can get information about celebrity and by creating content and sharing on their social pages, walls, or groups you can get huge traffic.

Here You Get Viral Content

What’s Trending, Today, Trendingfamous birthdays

Event Blogging

Event blogging is the most attractive and best way to make money online, in event blogging you’ve to target an event 5 months before, if you’re targeting Valentine’s day then you’ve to research the keywords first that by which keywords people search valentines day’s quotes or images, then you’ve to update that blog or website daily according to optimization key elements then by updating and targeting your website or blog get index, on event days you get huge traffic.

Blogging (SEO)

The most difficult  method of blogging is SEO based blogging which is time taking but gives you money till you die 😀

In SEO based blogging you’ve to research niche firstly that which niche is in low competition and easy to get huge traffic. after selecting niche you have to buy an authority domain and hosting (You can get authority domain and hosting Here at low price) then by extracting keywords from key planner and keyword shitter, by optimization you get huge Search traffic and earn million dollars.

Video Monetization

Video monetization is another method to earn money online which is really amazing and easy. In video monetization you’ve to create a video channel on video search engines like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. on which you have to upload unique videos on your video channel, after uploading ad network will show ads in your videos then you’ve to get subscribers and views to your video according to which ad network will pay you according to payment frequency.

The Marketing Through Videos is known as Video Monetization or Video Marketing.


Most popular method to make money online. if you have any skill like painting, graphic designing, web designing, article writing or video making then you don’t worry just make some samples of your work, create account on freelancing sites and provide your information and skills you’ll get order and earn online, this is the best way to earn money online.


Drop shipping is the method in which you’ve to deal with a shop dealer or factory, that you’ll bring customers online for their product and get commission percentage per sale,

Let Me Explain!

You have to create a website, page or any social account just publish some reviews about their products and get orders and send them to factory or shop they’ll send product through TCS, LCS or any courier service.


Affiliate marketing is the most trending way to make money online in which you’ve to create affiliate account with some websites like Amazon, Ebay etc, you’ve to create a website or blog where you publish their product reviews, if the visitor or customer buy their product from your website or blog you’ll get paid according to their region.

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