Ethiopia Government Declares New Ruled Amid State Of Emergency Protest


The Ethiopian government has imposed new severe rules in State of Emergency earlier this month amid the anti-government protests in Romania region as well occasionally in the areas of Amharic region.The opposition has declared the restriction in State of Emergency is only curb the Latest World News against government.

Past year statistics recorded five hundred killings during anti-government protest which supposed to be last for six months according to human rights groups and opposition activities.The last anti government protest on 2nd October on particular day of religious festival in Bishop has carried out the deaths of 50 people.

The 50 people killed when security forces has opened fire on an anti-government protest in stampede, the brutal incident has sparked a lot more violence in state of Romania and the sharpen increase in violence caused the State of Emergency.The local media reported, the State of Emergency has imposed first time over 25 years. The Ethiopian Broadcasting corporation has unveiled the massive violence in Romania State is the root cause of State of Emergency which last for six months.

The new one stringent rule reads as, the diplomats are unable to travel more than Latest World News outside the capital without any official permission.Under the new measures, Ethiopian people has not the right of public meetings and Rallies without permission as well as the people cannot contact with labeled terrorists’ groups or individuals as the new rules stated it outlawed.The Ethiopian government has given the right to Security forces to detain and search suspects without any court orders.

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