Instead Of Dancing And Shouting, Here Is How Pakistanis Should Celebrate The Victory Of Champions Trophy 2017

An awesome day for entire Pakistani country, an astounding amusement by the players. There are festivities all around the globe, Alhamdulilah.

In any case, enjoy a reprieve here, did we praise the triumph the way it ought to have been commended?

I figure NO. It was a blessing from Allah in this favored month on one of the favored evenings. Allah fulfilled every one of us. However, what did we do? Is it true that we were ready to make Allah glad? Did we express gratitude toward HIM?

Wouldn’t you say the most ideal method for festivity would have been putting forth shukarana Salah? 2 Rakat of shukarana masterminded in Mosques, rather than moving and yelling in this favored month. This month requires RESPECT, as it is one out of four months that Allah has said are conscious.

May Allah direct every one of us and enable us to say thanks to HIM in the most suitable way, Ameen.

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