Russian Maria Sharapova Fails To Pass Drug Test At Australian Open 2016


Former World much loved Russian participant Maria Sharapova used some prohibited medical tablets in results of victimisation that dope check established positive however everybody afraid once she accepted the responsibility of that negligence ahead of media as a result of she failed Best Hosting Websites  good thing about drugs.

Maria Sharapova fails to clear her medical fitness ahead of international medical sports department 1st time in her career as a result of for the last 10 years she was employing a prohibited drugs before enjoying any match however few days past, ITF sent a letter to Russian star during which they mention the positive report of dope check.

International court game federation additionally modified all rules and rules regarding game structure up to first January 2016 that things failed to understand Maria Sharapova thus took the responsibility of that carelessness ahead of media and fans.The best issue is that she additionally desires to induce affordable penalty for decreasing use of all black-market medicines within the world of court game.

Sharapova is one amongst the foremost dangerous court game players within the world as a result of she won the globe much loved title in 2005 when a protracted series of triple-crown games then introduced herself as best lady jock within the world. in step with a web news portal, Russian star attained nearly 30000000 pounds by enjoying court game in last ten years now; she is on seventh position in international ranking.

Maria Sharapova was born on nineteen Gregorian Best Hosting Websites  Russian SFSR, land and commenced vocation in enjoying court game for her country and established herself joined of the most effective players within the world by obtaining the large title of World much loved in 2005.

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